the pedalboard

the pedalboard

Taken: 2010-03-20T11:07:50Z

Uploaded: 2010-03-21T06:01:22

Current configuration. I'm still experimenting and swapping stuff out. I'll cut foam and do better cable management once it's settled a bit more.

TC Electronics Polytune -> Morley Bad Horsie Wah -> Rocktron Short Timer Delay (set with just a tiny delay to widen the sound a little) -> Danelectro CTO-1 Transparent Overdrive -> Boss HM-2 (my roommate stumbled across an amazing distortion tone using an odd combo of the CTO-1 and HM-2, that's why it's on there) -> Boss MT-2 (for serious scooped metal) -> Digitech Hyper Phase -> Danelectro CV-1 Vibe -> Danelectro CT Tremelo -> Digitech Hyper Delay -> Amp. All sitting on a Behringer PB1000 pedalboard.

I still have a lot more pedals than fit on the board so I'm not sure what to do. The current setup is oriented towards running into my roommate's Blackheart Little Giant amp (which sounds great but is pretty minimalist) and getting fun noises, rather than being a tight metal rig.