Taken: 2005-11-23T00:20:01Z

Uploaded: 2005-11-23T10:20:01

Ethan showed us his, so here's mine.

this is my home machine (ptah). AMD something-or-other in a Shuttle box. two Dell 2001fp monitors.

the window manager is Ion (the anti-window manager). the right hand monitor is on my development screen with an Eterm and an emacs window (editing some python). i can also swap it to other screens (eg, one for firefox) with a keystroke.

the left hand monitor i keep up pretty much as seen. system monitor (gkrellm), IM (gaim), email (gnus in emacs), music player (amaroK).

everything in ion is keyboard controlled so i almost never have to use the mouse (pretty much just for web sites that use flash). this makes it extremely efficient for me and easy on my wrists and has the added benefit of basically preventing anyone else who visits me from being able to use my computer. i don't even need a password...